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Coffee Roaster Ann Arbor and Plymouth, MI

Fresh roasted wholesale specialty coffees since 1982. Our story began over 40 years ago, as pioneers in the world of specialty coffee.

The Past, Present, and Future…

1971 purchased first espresso machine, a Faema E-61, and opened the Blind Pig Cafe in Ann Arbor.

1975 started Coffee Express Co. as an espresso machine importer, including sales and service, choosing Rancilio as the manufacturer.

In 1982 we came a coffee roaster in Plymouth and Ann Arbor, MI. It became the leading roaster of specialty organic coffee in Michigan. We focused exclusively on specialty coffee beans (most coffee roasters in those days focused on general, institutional blends).

1986 inspired by the elevation of specialty coffee growing regions, introduced Mountain Country Coffee as a retail shelf brand.

1997 expanded roasting operations and moved to Plymouth.

In many ways the world of specialty coffees in 1982 resembles the way it looks today. With hundreds or even thousands fewer roasters back then, the coffees themselves are familiar: Colombia Supremo, Kenya AA, Yemen Mocha, Italian Roast, and the like. Broken down by region, you could find a Guatemala Antigua, Sumatra Mandheling, and Costa Rica Tarrazu.

Today, the combined explosion of barista as a skilled profession and the number of coffee roasters of all sizes (across the U.S. and worldwide) continues to create a larger, discerning market. To our delight the coffee community has become even more specialized: interacting with small farms; exploring varietals with names like Typica, Geisha, Pacamara; experimenting with roasting styles and percentages of solids in a brewed cup. The amount of knowledge and interest is remarkable.

Coffee Express roasts daily and delivers in Michigan. Ask for it at your local grocery store or coffee shop.

We do everything we can to make your business successful.