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Coffee Roaster, Fair Trade Specialty Coffees in
Plymouth and Ann Arbor, MI

The Master Roasters at Coffee Express Roasting Company offers wholesale, fair trade coffee, roasted daily in Michigan.

Coffee Express Roasting Company is a provider of organic fair trade retail and wholesale coffee in the Plymouth and Ann Arbor, MI areas. We’ve been a specialty coffee roaster for coffee houses, restaurants and retailers from Plymouth to Ann Arbor, MI and surrounding areas since 1982. We first introduced ourselves to Southeast Michigan in 1971 when we purchased our first espresso machine, a Faema E-61 and opened the Blind Pig Café in Ann Arbor.

Our fame quickly grew as we began to import espresso machines in 1975 and then began roasting specialty coffee beans in 1982 to supply the beginning demand for new coffee flavors that the public began to acquire a taste for. You can count on us to bring you the biggest selection of fair trade organic coffee from all around the globe roasted to perfection for your enjoyment.

Featured Roasts

At Coffee Express, we roast our beans daily and offer whole bean coffee from around the world.

Coffee Express Roasting Company - Costa Rican Coffee Michigan

Costa Rican

This is the most popular of our Central American whole bean coffees. A bold flavor coffee though still in keeping with its mild Latin heritage. Considered one of the world’s great coffees. Delicious as a regular cup of brewed coffee with an exotically enjoyable, smooth, and aromatic cup.

Coffee Express Roasting Company - Organic House Blend Coffee Michigan

Organic House Blend

Our master roasters use their skill to blend just the right complementary varieties of Latin American and African beans into one coffee that showcases the best of all the types used. This blend has all the body, aroma, and rich taste necessary for a great cup every time.

Coffee Express Roasting Company - Columbian Coffee Michigan


Coffee Express is proud to offer you two distinctive Colombian coffee selections.

Excelso – Smooth, aromatic, and rich in flavor. Deserving of its popularity. Supremo  – A more select grade than Excelso; bold flavor and aroma.

Coffee ends up cupping differently depending on who roasted it and in which roaster. If there are twenty people roasting the exact same coffee, it has twenty different taste characteristics...

Anyone who’s pulled a shot of espresso knows temperature and humidity can affect the pour. Many baristas adjust the grind and dose to compensate...

We do everything we can to make your business successful...

The Coffee Express Advantage

Freshly roasted coffee beans daily since 1982. Providing great service to coffee houses and other specialty retailers in Michigan. Coffee Express offers Conventional, Organics, Fair Trade, Swiss Water Decafs, and more.

Our Coffee

We have already done the hard work for you and selected the most distinctive Arabica coffees from around the world to deliver to our customers. Our roast-to-order policy ensures that every coffee on the list is delivered fresh from the roaster, not off a shelf.

Our Syrups

We are proud to offer fine DaVinci gourmet flavoring syrups, smoothie and chocolate selections.

These top-of-the-line products were chosen only after a rigorous process of tasting and testing to be sure that they, like our coffees, were the best available and met our quality standards.

Our Story

We’ve roasted our fresh roasted specialty coffee for coffee houses, restaurants and retailers since 1982 but our origin story begins over 40 years ago, as pioneers in the world of specialty coffee. The unmistakable character of our coffees is the result of our decades of experience.

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